70th Independence day celebration

70th Independence day was Celebrated in St. Anthony's Church School with great joy and spirit of Patriotism. 1800 students along with 72 staff and nearly 500 parents and Christian faithful from St. Anthony's Church were present for the programme. The Corporator (ward no 132) Dr. Raju was the Chief Guest. Fr. Vincent, The Superior of Prem Nivas Friary presided over the programme. flag hoisting, March past, colourful dances and mass exercises were the attraction of the day.




Br. Dancy Sunil Martis
Head Master

Br. Vincent Balraj
Guardian & Assistant Head Master, Pastor in-charge of Hoskerehalli

Br. Prem Lawrence DíSouza
Vicar & Treasurer

Br. Alexander Daniel
Parish Priest

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